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Accelerated Recovery System & More at MeyerDC™

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Game Ready

Accelerated Recovery System

Item # W-GME100

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Game Ready® Unit, AC Adapter & Hose Hooks You Up For Fast & Natural Healing

Speed patient recovery with a Game Ready® Control Unit. This rehabilitation equipment uses innovative ACCEL™ Technology (Active Compression and Cold Exchange Loop to progressively increase and release pressure while circulating ice water and adjustable air pressure through 2 internal chambers for unmatched, deep-penetrating cold therapy. Game Ready® is always a recommended injury treatment solution. The automated settings and user-friendly interface assure effortless operation. Use in conjunction with body part specific wraps for unbeatable cold compression therapy. Control Unit includes the unit, AC Adapter and Hose.

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Accelerated Recovery System Features

  • Allows user to easily adjust pressure, manage temperature and select treatment time settings with just the push of a few buttons and the twist of a dial
  • Applies intermittent compression and adjustable cold therapy simultaneously
  • Three settings of cyclical pneumatic (air) compression or the option of no compression
  • Weighs 8 lbs. empty
  • Temperature adjusts 35°F – 50°F (when full of ice)
  • Unit continuously cycles liquid through circumferential wraps, even over larger surface areas
  • Made from impact-resistant plastic for durability
  • Includes unit, AC adapter and hose
  • 5.5" W x 16" L x 8.5" H


AC Adapter, Complete Unit
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