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Doctor Hoy's Arnica Boost here on MeyerDC.

Doctor Hoy's

Arnica Boost

Item # W-DRH2006

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Rub On Natural Pain Relief

Arnica Montana targets inflammation and helps ease pain quickly. This safe and effective gel can be layered (allowing a few minutes between applications) for a stronger effect. This gel is non-toxic and paraben free. It also features a vanishing scent and is water based so it leaves no residue or stains.

Arnica Boost contains Arnica Montana extract and promotes circulation for faster healing. This product can either be used alone, or in conjunction with Natural Pain Relief Gel to extend relief time and hasten the healing process. Arnica Boost also available in different sizes to test and try.

Doctor Hoy's Arnica Boost Features

  • Natural ingredients for topical pain relief.
  • Timed release menthol provides cooling relief for hours.
  • Won't leave residues or stains.
  • Arnica Boost for extended relief time.